Advantages & Disadvantages


1- For each shipping the client will receive a gift.

2- Recommend your friend about “post box Japan” and receive coins each recharge your friend does.  

3- A major recharge of coins the less it will cost.

4- Client can reserve a presale product and pay them monthly.

5- Client can save many items in your post box with unlimited time and to reduce the shipping price, we recommend to accumulate products in your post box then buy them all together later.(see graphic example)

6- International shipping value is determined by the weight. We will notify you the weight available in your box for a minimum price.

7- Usually online shopping websites will add the weight of each item and the box. it means, if you are buying two products, you will pay for the two products and two boxes. However, with “Articulos Japon(post box Japan)” we add all your wished items in only one box so that the shipping price will reduce.




1- for the refund of your coins, we take 20% of the money transaction.