Is subscribing needed?

It is not necessary to subscribe to perform a shopping, but recommended as the balance of the coins will be lost if the client does not have their own "post box".

By being subscribed in our system "post box", the balance of coins will be saved in the corresponding post box of the client.

The customer can use their "post box" to save several products without a time limit, we recommend to make a single shipment of several products to reduce the shipping cost.


If the customer makes two shipments of 500 grams each box

¥ 1,900 + ¥ 1,900 = ¥ 3,800

With our system you can make a single shipment of a box 500 gr + 500 gr = 1,000 gr

1,000 gr = ¥ 2,870

It will reduce you shipping cost ¥ 930